JBL Environmental Services Ltd.

Fish and Aquatic Habitat Assessment

JBL Environmental Services Ltd. has over 25 years’ experience in conducting fish inventories and stream classification. JBL also has developed mitigation and compensation plans for various projects throughout British Columbia. In BC, fisheries protection falls under federal, provincial and municipal legislation. JBL has provided fisheries permitting service on a large range of projects in the forestry, mining, hydro and transportation sectors. In conjunction with our permitting services, JBL has conducted Riparian Areas Protection Regulation (RAPR) assessments, developed environmental management plans, and conducted environmental monitoring programs and fish salvages.

Selected Projects:

– Developed mitigation and compensation strategies to offset the adverse effects from Forest Service Road upgrades along Lillooet Lake on fish and riparian habitat. For: Sea to Sky Resource District, BC, 2018/19.

– Conducted a 1:20,000 fish and fish habitat inventory of Deroche Creek watershed. As part of completing the stream habitat assessment, JBL also assessed the impacts from erosion and slope instability as a result of existing and proposed logging roads. For: Leq’á: Mel First Nation and Western Canada Timber Products, near Mission, BC, 2016.

– Developed mitigation and compensation measures to address the adverse effects on fish and fish habitat from road widening into the freshet high water area of the Lillooet River. For: Sea to Sky Resource District, BC, 2015.

– Conducted a 1:20,000 reconnaissance level fish and fish habitat inventory of the Ruby Creek watershed as part of the BC Environmental Assessment Certificate application for a proposed molybdenum mine. We constructed and operated a fish-spawning fence in Ruby Creek to determine Arctic grayling (Thymallus arcticus) use of three channels for spawning. We conducted detailed fish habitat mapping, tissue sampling for metals, macro-invertebrate assessments, and sediment sampling. JBL’s aquatic biologist also developed a fish habitat compensation plan for Arctic grayling to provide a No-Net-Loss strategy for fish habitat to regulators. For: Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd. / Adanac Moly Corp, Atlin, BC, 2004-2008.