JBL Environmental Services Ltd.

Sloquet Creek Forest Service Road – Fish Habitat Compensation Project

Environmental Impact Assessment and Fish Habitat Compensation on Sloquet Creek

Location: Southwestern British Columbia

Scope of Services:

JBL conducted a stream classification assessment of Sloquet Creek and its tributaries prior to proposed logging-road construction in the Squamish Forest District. JBL evaluated possible compensation options and conducted a fish habitat assessment as part of compensation-plan development for the intrusion of 400 m of logging road into the riparian zone of the creek.

JBL designed a groundwater channel. JBL supervised construction of the channel, pools and weirs, placement of boulders and large woody debris as well as replanting of the banks and access road areas. We conducted compliance monitoring of the channel for three years after construction to assess whether the channel was functioning as intended.


Completed permit applications for the project; provided aquatic baseline and stream classification reports for Sloquet Creek; developed an impact assessment report for road infringement; created fish habitat compensation plan and detailed design drawings for fish habitat; provided a planting plan and as built report for the construction; conducted annual effectiveness monitoring reports for three years for the constructed habitat and plantings.

 Project Start/End: July 2001 – September 2004